Heapsort- Applet

Object Oriented Project in Java 1.1:

An Applet to visualize the


by Gunnar Schau and Robert Queck

The applet is the result of a one semester project at the University of Leipzig in the computer science department.

The task was to program an applet which should be capable to teach students the principles of the HeapSort sorting algorithm. On the left side you can see a binary tree which is the imaginary representation of the heap structure. On the other side on the bottom you will find the real array that has to be sorted. And below the used algorithm in a pseude code notation similar to Pascal.

The applet can be controlled with the buttons below the windows. The "Play" button runs the algorithm step by step, with the speed given with the scrollbar on the left. If you want to run it at your command you should choose "Next". The Algorithm will only move at your command. Pressing the "Restart" button will allow you to restart the Applet with a variable number of items (between 2 an 15) which can be randomly created or set by yourself.

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And now the source codes for further studies. Have a lot of fun ;-)

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